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Guitar Strings

String Change Service


Are your strings looking rusty, discolored, and sounding dull?


Chances are your strings need to be changed.

For the average non-professional player, it is a good habit to change strings every 3 – 6 months (even more if you play regularly).

Please fill in the form below. Thank you!

  • String Change Service for Guitar, Bass, or Ukulele

    • $35 (strings not included)

      • Includes restring, fingerboard cleaning and conditioning, light guitar clean and polish, adjustment of truss rod, saddle, and nut height, intonation, hardware tightening.

      • Use your own strings – Please make sure there is a full set of strings included with your guitar when dropped off.

      • Same day turn around available (please advise if needed).



  • String sets For Sale

    • Acoustic (Nylon)

      • $10 Budget

      • $15 Premium

    • Acoustic (Steel)

      • $14 Budget

      • $29 Premium

    • Electric

      • $13 Budget

      • $25 Premium

Vintage Electric Guitar

String Change Service 

String sets for Sale

Thank you for your order. I will contact you within the next 24hrs to confirm.

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