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*30min or 60min lessons

*Holiday Workshops


Whether your goal is to play for fun,

or to become a Guitar God! 

learning music is a long term goal, and students need keep this in mind.

Patience and determination are key. Just remember to have fun as well !


To give themselves the best chance of success with guitar, students are expected to commit to lessons for the duration of each school term. Casual lessons are available for professional adults.

Lesson Fees


            Weekly lessons during school term. Fees due by week 2 of term

  *Lesson Duration 30mins, or 60mins

Casual "one-off"

Casual lessons for professionals/adults who need more flexibility.

Bookings taken weekly on Sunday/Monday,  with payment due upon booking.

Book via - Call, Text or Email.

*Lesson Duration: 60mins
(This is to avoid last minute cancellations due to scheduling changes common to professionals/adults).


Holiday Lessons & Workshops Details here


       Online Lessons

A Mini Guide to Online Music Lessons



I have found the key to making Online Music Lessons  work is having a good balance between online & Face to Face experiences.

Keep in mind that only a certain percentage of your “Instrument playing time” will involve an online platform, the rest will be live, F2F experiences. I.e. bands, jamming, performances etc.



Online learning is an incredibly powerful tool (and the future of education, and work in many cases), I think it’s crucial to adapt and become comfortable with it sooner than later.

The best way to maximise the online learning experience is to have a good “Setup”. It doesn’t need to be super expensive, just fit for purpose. Please contact me for any specific recommendations for the following list.

  • Basic ergonomics - A good chair, table, screen. The right height, size etc..  

  • Reasonable Internet connection

  • Reasonable Computer/Webcam

  • Reasonable Headphones with Microphone

  • Minimise distractions & interruptions

  • Prepare/test everything ready ahead of time

Feel free to get in contact if you have any further question, or are unsure about how to get started with online lessons.


*Online *Mosman  *Dee Why

Please contact me for bookings, or with any further questions.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Easy bookings

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