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Creative Kids Voucher

Submission Form

To submit your voucher, please take the time to fill out all the information below.

Creative Kids Vouchers


Create something great. Claim your $100 Creative Kids voucher today.
As a registered provider for the Creative Kids program, you can redeem your voucher with us and let your child develop new skills.

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STEP 1: Apply for your voucher Service NSW

STEP 2: Return here and complete the Submission Form

STEP 3: Complete your lesson booking at the Bookings Page

About Creative Kids

NSW Government is helping your cost of living with Creative Kids, which is all about making it easier for school-aged kids (4.5 to 18 years old) to get involved in creative and cultural activities.

Parents, guardians and carers can claim a $100 voucher per year to put towards the cost of lessons and fees with registered providers.

It's a great opportunity to let kids find their passion and learn new skills. Vouchers can be used to contribute to registration, participation and tuition costs for performing arts, visual arts, coding, languages, literature, music and other creative and cultural activities with our approved list of activity providers.

Eligible activities

Eligible activities are those provided as part of a structured, focused program with clear creative skills development outcomes. The primary purpose is for children to learn or participate in a specific creative or cultural activity. The activity must demonstrate value for money and be relevant to the age and skill level of participants. 

The following are eligible structured activity types:

  • Learning and developing a specific creative skill (private or group based) delivered in person or online* through a set of lessons/activities/workshops and/or performances/events.

  • Cultural and creative learning experiences that provide skills and knowledge of cultural identity, for example, Aboriginal cultural learning workshops. Experiences may be delivered in person or online*.

  • Membership fees or hiring instruments/equipment that are part of a structured program.

  • Participation and learning activity package, such as a concert/performance/exhibition tour, delivered in person or online*, followed by:

    • an interactive workshop

    • masterclass or question time relating to skills and art form development.

  • Activities that support or link to the school curriculum, including co-curricular/extra-curricular activities and incursions/excursions (NSW public, private and Catholic schools are ineligible providers.)

  • Packages that include individual items for creative/cultural use such as instruments, arts and craft supplies or other equipment/materials, alongside a lesson plan or instructions on how to complete an activity or develop creative skills.


*Online activities and programs include those delivered through video hosting platforms (e.g. Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Vimeo, YouTube, Zoom) and webinars (e.g. access to pre-recorded material). Online providers will need to show that participants are able to ask questions or seek lesson support. This can be via phone, email, live video or an online messaging platform. 

Further info about Creative Kids

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