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Even the pro's use backing tracks... sometimes... ("Satch Boogie" at Guitar Centre 201

This a fun song that I spent many hours on when I was 15. Here's Joe Satriani playing his tune from the 80's. It's a hyper-blues boogie in the style that was to become known as shredding.

As you can see Joe is playing along to a backing track here, this is quite common for short demonstraions at Clinics or Workshops where it's not as practical to bring an entire band.

For anyone interested, Joe has recently published an auto-biography, which I have just finsihed reading. Full of great stories of a guitarist growing up in the 70's and 80's, and how he keeps his excitment for music going. Very insightful look into his process of writting and recording music. Quite heavy on the technical info relating to his albums and tours, so if this is what you're into, Check it out... Strange Beautiful Music: A Musical Memoir

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