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Hi guys,


Here are some things to get you playing.

Remember, learning music is about having fun and playing the songs you love.

So, in order to do that we have to memorise everything! 

Make memorising your habit. Memorise songs, chords, rhythms, notes.... everything!


We do this so that when we play, we don't have to always "think" about what we are doing, this means we can be more relaxed, and enjoy playing more.


There are two basic steps for playing music.


First you learn it (I.e. Memorising/Thinking)


Second you play it (I.e. Enjoying)





Let me know If you have any questions

Happy playing! :-)



    Thickest                                Thinnest

                   6    5    4    3   2    1

Reading Music
Warm Ups
Notes on the Fretboard
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