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*Holiday Guitar Workshops September/October*

All Ages - School Holiday

Guitar Workshops

*3 or 5 day Courses *Private Lessons

Over the holiday period I offer a series of guitar workshops aimed at having fun and helping students boost their progress on the instrument.

Course content will be customized to each individual student, based on current level and particular musical interests.

This can be a great opportunity to explore, learn and have fun with guitar during the holiday period.

It can be a chance to have fun learning a few new songs


Spend some quality time focused on improving specific elements of your playing (e.g. rhythm, improvising, new picking techniques, reading music)


Learning new styles (e.g. blues, jazz, flamenco, rock, pop...).

The course options are either 3 or 5 sessions per week.

Students are welcome to participate in more than one week of workshops depending their holiday schedule, and sheer guitar playing desire!

Normal weekly class will be counted towards each week of workshop participation.

I.e. If you choose the 3 session option, you only need to add two more classes to that week, and of course the discount will be applied to all classes during the week (Mon - Sun).

3 Sessions per week

15% Off

30min or 60min lessons


5 Sessions per week

20% Off

30min or 60min lessons

If you would like to book into these workshops please let me know which option you prefer and what days/times suit you.

N.B Classes available 7 days, 8am - 8pm.

Please contact me for bookings, or with any further questions.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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