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Musical Flavours.... Flamenco & Manouche

Hi everyone!

So now we're back at it after a month long break and I wanted to share with you some of the amazing music we saw on the trip.

Of course in most venues these days we're not allowed to film/record, so instead I wanted to show you examples via youtube.


First and second videos are of flamenco. For those unfamiliar with flamenco, it comes originally from Andalucia, Spain.

Andalucia has long been a "melting pot" for many different cultures: gyspys, jews, christians, muslims, morrocans, indians and many others....

This coming together of cultures/ muscical languages/ forms of expression led to the birth of flamenco. Nowadays flamenco has spread to many parts of Spain, and indeed the world.

(In the next few months I will create a dedicated area on the website to flamenco, so more on this subject later)

Diego del Morao

Maestro Paco de Lucia

The next two videos are the french gypsy jazz style, also known as manouche guitar.

It is thought to be a style championed by legendary french gypsy guitarist, Django Reinhardt.

Latches (Yorgui Loeffler, Gino Roman)

Bireli Lagrene

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