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Training your ear to hear and understand what is happening in music is one of the most important things you can do.

It will increase your skill, and enjoyment of music. Great ears are the best asset any musician can have.


Remember Music is about listening, so start improving your ears today!


      Ear Training doesn't have to be hard or complicated.

Start with the basics, learn the intervals.


"....huh? The what-ervals?"


Are the steps (or spaces) between the notes.

The smallest "step" we use in western music is called a "minor 2nd" (think of the theme from JAWS).

Picture this...

If it helps, picture a stair case,

  • The bottom of the stairs is "Home Base"

  • Each step we take is an interval away from home base.

E.g. 1st step = Minor 2nd (JAWS)

               2nd step = Major 2nd (Happy Birthday)

Start by learning to recognise....

1) Minor 2nd (JAWS)

2) Major 2nd (Happy Birthday)


If you are looking for great ear training software try EarMaster.

I've used Ear Master for many years and  I highly recommend it to all students.

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